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A La Carte Menu



Mixed Platter
Chicken/Lamb Tikka, Samosa

Vegetable Platter
Onion Bhaji, Veg Samosa, Panir Shaslik

Seafood Platter
King Prawn, Salmon Tikka and Crab Tikki



Lamb or Chicken lightly spiced & charcoal grilled

Sheek Kebab
Spicy minced Lamb cooked on Skewers 

Light pastry stuffed with spicy Lamb or Chicken

Lamb Chops
Spiced and chargrilled, served sizzling with onions

Chicken Shaslik
Cooked in a tandoor oven on a skewer, with capsicum, onions and ground cumin

Chicken Chat Puri
Spiced Chicken in tangy sauce, served on thin crispy bread

Chicken Pakora
Lightly spiced Chicken chunks coated in gram flour batter and deep fried

Salmon Tikka

 Lightly spiced & charcoal grilled

King Prawns Shaslik
Cooked on a skewer with capsicum, onions in tandoor oven

King Prawn Butterfly Crustaceans
Deep fried panko coated butterflied prawn

King Prawn Puri
Spicy prawns in tangy sauce, served on thin crispy bread

Crab Tikki * new
Crab cake lightly spiced, coated in panko crumbs 

Chapli Kebab * new
Pan fried spicy lamb cutlet 

Tamarind sticky wings * new
Sticky & spicy hot wings sprinkled with sesame seeds

Panir Shaslik
Curd cheese, capsicum & onions cooked in the tandoor

Onion Bhaji 

Vegetable Samosa

Chole Batura *new
Masala chickpeas on crispy thin bread


Signature Dishes

Mixed Tava
Chicken, Lamb and King Prawns cooked with tomatoes, onions and aromatic spices, served sizzling on a tava

Mixed Balti
Chicken, Lamb and King Prawns in a tangy sauce

Mixed Jalfrezi
Chicken, Lamb and King Prawns cooked with ginger, peppers and green chilli 

Lamb Chop Tava
Barbecued lamb chops in spiced sauce served on a Tava dish 

Lamb or chicken slow cooked in a sealed pot for intense flavour, the "original curry" 

Lamb meatballs cooked in delicious aromatic sauce with a hint of tomato

Rajasthani Lamb
Twice cooked lamb chunks in a thick hot sauce and tempered with red chillies & olive oil drizzle

Keralan Curry
Lamb or chicken cooked in a keralan spice blend, tempered with curry leaves & fenugreek seeds

Railway *new
 Slow cooked tender lamb or chicken in whole spices & tempered with crispy onions for enhanced flavour as served on 1st class train compartments in India

Mughlai Lamb Shank* new 
A delicious celebratory authentic Moghul Dish as eaten by the Emperors.  Lamb Shank marinated overnight, slow cooked with whole spices for hours. Worth the wait! 


House Specials

Lamb or Chicken 

Tikka Massala
 "The Nation's Favourite"

Cooked with a marinade of spinach and yoghurt in a creamy sauce

Makhani/Butter Chicken
Barbecued and cooked with butter in a creamy sauce

Barbecued and cooked with coconut and almonds in a creamy sauce, splash of red wine

Barbecued and cooked with coconut and almonds in a thick gravy

Chicken or Lamb pieces in a reduced down thick sauce, tempered with whole spices and served sizzling on a Tava dish

Cooked in a Balti wok, with whole spices in a tangy sauce

Cooked with ginger, onions and peppers in a tangy sauce

Cooked with mushrooms in a garlic sauce

Cooked with creamed spinach in a hot sauce

Cooked with ginger, peppers and green chillies

Garlic Chilli
Spiced with garlic and red chillies

A hot fiery Bhuna style onion sauce dish, red chillies, potato and yoghurt

Special Dish named after the pot (karai) it is cooked in for distinct homecooking flavour, garnished with fresh ginger


Seafood Specials

Salmon Tava
Salmon with Tomato and onions and Aromatic spices, served sizzling on a tava

Tandoori King Prawn Massala
Barbecued and cooked in a creamy sauce

King Prawn Tava
Cooked with aromatic spices, served on a tava

King Prawn Jalfrezi
Cooked with ginger, peppers and green chillies

King Prawn Peshwari
Barbecued and cooked with coconut and almonds in a thick gravy

King Prawn Passanda
Barbecued and cooked with coconut and almonds in a creamy sauce with red wine

King Prawn Balti
Cooked in a Balti wok, with whole spices in a tangy sauce


Classic Curries

Lamb or Chicken




With lentils, hot, sweet and sour

Very mild and creamy

With onions, medium

Rogan Josh
Cooked with lots of tomatoes and garlic

With spinach, medium

With coconut, fairly hot

With onions, hot, sweet and sour


Tandoori Dishes

These dishes are prepared with special spices & marinated overnight for locked in flavour & cooked on skewers over charcoal in our Tandoor Oven (Healthy option as no oil used)

Tandoori King Prawns
Spiced and cooked over charcoal

Tandoori Grilled Salmon
Salmon lightly spiced & charcoal grilled

Lamb or Chicken lightly spiced and charcoal grilled

Lamb or Chicken barbecued on skewers with green peppers, tomatoes and cumin seeds

Half Tandoori Chicken
On the bone

Tandoori Mixed Grill
A selection of House Tandoori dishes, Tikka Chicken/Lamb, Sheek Kebab & Tandoori Chicken



Aromatic Regal dish eaten by the Moghul Emperors on Special occasions. One pot cooking combining fresh ingredients blended with fluffy Basmati Rice and in meat of your choice. A complete meal on it's own served with a small vegetable curry

Vegetable Biryani

Tandoori King Prawn Biryani

Chicken Biryani / Chicken Tikka Biryani

Lamb Biryani 

Chefs Special Biryani
Lamb and chicken cooked with rice topped with nuts and sultanas and served with vegetable curry.


Vegetarian Mains

Cooked with lentils, sweet and sour

Aloo Begun Dopiaza
Potatoes cooked with aubergine

Aloo Gobi Tikka Massala
Potatoes and cauliflower in creamy massala sauce

Very mild and creamy

Stir fry of vegetables cooked with aromatic spices

Gobi Panir Jalfrezi
Stir fry of Cauliflower, Indian Cheese and fresh green chillies

Butternut Squash and Chick Peas
Cooked with aromatic spices and onions

Chilli Paneer
Curd Cheese in a tangy sauce

 Methi Malai Paneer
Curd Cheese cubes cooked in a delicious malai sauce, finished with methi and nigella seeds


Side Dishes

Vegetable Curry
Potatoes, cauliflower, peas and beans

Bombay Potatoes
Spicy hot potatoes

Mushroom Bhaji
Mushrooms cooked with onions 

Cauliflower Bhaji
Cauliflower cooked with onions

Alu Gobi Bhaji
Cauliflower cooked with potatoes

Sag Alu
Potatoes and spinach

Begun Bhaji
Spiced aubergines

Bhindi Bhaji
Spiced okra

Sag Panir
Spinach with cheese

Onion Bhaji 

Chana Masala
Chick peas with onion

Sag Bhaji
Spinach with onions and garlic

Tarka Daal
Slow cooked lentils tempered with garlic and olive oil



Rice & Bread

Pilaw Rice

Special Pillaw Rice
With peas, eggs and onions

Keema Rice
Rice cooked with spicy minced lamb 

Mushroom Rice

Coconut Rice

Steamed Rice


Keema Nan
With spicy minced lamb

Garlic Nan
With onion and garlic

Peshwari Nan
With nuts and sultanas  

Cheese Nan



Flaky fried bread

Stuffed Paratha
With vegetables

HAsiana Restaurant kids menu


Allergens Key

  • CeleryCelery
  • CrustaceansCrustaceans
  • EggEgg
  • FishFish
  • LupinLupin
  • MilkMilk
  • MolluscsMolluscs
  • MustardMustard
  • NutsNuts
  • PeanutPeanut
  • SesameSesame
  • SoyaSoya
  • Sulphur DioxideSulphur Dioxide
  • WheatWheat

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